Looking for Xamarin.Forms / .NET MAUI Developers? Look No Further.


We are a software factory that offres extended teams as a service, we focus on creating mobile applications using Xamarin.Forms / .NET MAUI.


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About Us

Lemon Labs was born from the idea of personal growth by collaborating, teaching and learning. We drive from the bases, we take passion of our work. We care for your business. Our experienced software engineers will help you solve your problems effectively, saving you money and time on your projects so you can take care of your customers.

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Why Us?

Efficient code, responsible with your time, empathy with your money. Solve your problems, with less money and more quality.

Lemon Labs

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At Lemon Labs, we believe that honesty with clients, partners, and employees is a fundamental step to creating great products.

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Our team quickly responds to new requirements and changes thanks to the elaborate development process and no bureaucracy.

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We control product quality at all levels due to collecting input requirements and defining a realistic scope of work in the early stage.

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Our software engineering teams consist of high-qualified and certified developers with domain expertise across industries.

Our Customers

Some clients with whom we have collaborated.

Our Customers


Uber eats like mobile application for Spain market, Ibefy focuses on booking tables on restaurants with setup menu’s with interesting promotions. This start up. This startup trusted us to create its product.


Our approach with Essity was to create business applications to facilitate shrinkage processes. Using technologies like OPC UA to interact with the machines involved.

OnCommand Connect

Live access, health reports, action plans, mapping and alerts following the track of International trucks with GPS devices connected to the vehicles. We helped International trucks to keep their vehicles safe and healthy.


We helped UX Divers as a staffing agency to add value to their team to deliver mobile applications that suit the end client and internal teams needs.


One of our key points at Lemon Labs is that we take passion on our job. Elanco reached out to us with an urgent deadline that we helped to meet on time and matter.

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